Schubert-Pharma has a high level of expertise in realizing a wide variety of processes and functions using Schubert TLM technology or seamless integration of third-party units. Here we give an overview of possible integrations.


Over-corner labeling

Application of a tamper-evident closure

Device labeling


Blister storage

Tray storage loading

Tray storage loading

Product feed

Syringe feed and alignment

Turntable vial feed

Centrifugal conveyor for syringes


Friction system for product counting

Separation of pouch sealed bags

Separation into single products


Ultrasonic cardboard sealing

Thermal sealing of trays with aluminium laminated foil

Blister seal with a cardboard backing

Vision Systems

Reading and verification of serial data on a transparent label

Targeted grip into the box with the Schubert 3D camera

Height profile of the boxed products