Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert is investing further in research

Robotics facility in Dresden focuses on growth

For more than a year, Crailsheim-based packaging machine manufacturer Schubert has had a robotics development facility in Dresden. Now the young Schubert Motion division is looking for enterprising software developers to drive forward the digitalisation of robots and processes.

Robotics and machine networking are seen as the most promising fields in the production sector. Gerhard Schubert GmbH from Crailsheim (Baden-Württemberg) has been committed to robotics for decades. The packaging machine manufacturer not only builds lines and robots, it also distinguishes itself as a software specialist that makes significant investments in innovative technologies. It was with this in mind that Schubert Motion development team was set up in Dresden close to a year ago. Michael Döring, who previously headed the REVOBOTIK Dresden-based start-up, explains: “As an example, our team is working on introducing high-performance software to make robots in packaging machines faster and more reliable.”

At Schubert Motion, employees experience the results of their work first-hand. “We regularly test the software at our headquarters in Crailsheim. So we can see the successes right on the spot and can then expand the functionality of the robots step by step,” says Döring. The department head is certain that the development will pay off: These systems can use artificial intelligence to optimise robot movements and make them faster, more efficient and more sustainable. At the Fachpack industry trade fair in September, this type of software will be presented in action for the first time ever. “I’m looking forward to presenting the results of our developments to the fair visitors and am eager to hear their reactions.”

Michael Döring (left), Head of Schubert Motion in Dresden, and Florentin Rauscher (right), Optimisation and Control Engineer, are looking forward to expanding their team at the development site in Dresden.

Working as a developer on the cutting edge of technology

Schubert Motion has many exciting challenges in store. Several new employees will now be strengthening the Dresden team with a clear focus on driving forward the topics of predictive maintenance and simulation. Predictive maintenance is essentially preventive maintenance and is based on the precise and detailed evaluation of digital machine data. Deviating data indicates at an early stage that a component needs to be replaced, for example. Unplanned machine downtimes can therefore be significantly reduced. In the future, Schubert Motion will be working closely with the Crailsheim Data Engineering department, responsible for the acquisition and processing of machine data. Döring explains: “This way, we combine our scientific orientation with the specific issues and challenges faced in the real production world.”

The framework and working environment at Schubert Motion are excellent for enthusiastic developers and ground-breaking digital innovations in the field of robotics: leading-edge technology, a new office near the Technical University of Dresden and, last but not least, a highly qualified and committed team.