Cosmetics expertise from
a single source

Under the Schubert-Cosmetics brand, Schubert brings together an experienced team of specialists for cosmetic manufacturers.

Hardly any other industry requires more flexibility than the cosmetics sector. The filling and packaging of cosmetic products presents unique challenges. Conventional systems are often made up of a combination of individual machines. However, the required degree of flexibility calls for comprehensive solutions without the need for multiple interfaces. The Schubert approach to a total solution – from component feeding all the way through to the finished pallet – simplifies the filling and packaging process, while reducing changeover times and increasing production capacity.

Automatization and robotic

Maximum flexibility for cosmetic manufacturers

Shampoos, deodorants, eyeshadow or mascara – for decades, manufacturers of an extensive variety of products have been relying on proven Schubert technology and our comprehensive expertise in this field. Whether oval, round, angular or asymmetrical, with screw caps, flip-top lids, snap-on lids or dosing pumps, there is no limit to the variety of packaging types that Schubert machines can handle. Thanks to fast format changes and low format costs, TLM technology can even be used to economically fill and package small batch sizes.


Filling and packaging in a single system

The level of flexibility required in the cosmetics sector calls for comprehensive solutions, free of multiple interfaces. Schubert integrates and simplifies the filling and packaging process, thereby increasing performance and efficiency.


Integrating primary and secondary packaging processes

Seamlessly combining packaging processes

The modular design of Schubert machines, together with the Transmodul, enables all processes – from component feeding to the filling process, right up to final packaging in cartons or trays – to be directly linked and combined within a single installation. The Schubert vision recognition system ensures high efficiency in pick-and-place applications. The customer benefits from economical and highly reliable packaging processes. Format-free component feed can be easily implemented thanks to Schubert’s exceptional modularity: when switching to other bottles or closures, minimal set-up times are required and unproductive downtimes can be avoided.

System components


Expertise for cosmetic manufacturers

For perfectly integrated planning, the Schubert-Consulting team of experts in filling and packaging accompanies cosmetic manufacturers through all phases of their project. Services range from planning to execution and production of the entire system.


Turnkey Solutions

A complete turnkey concept

As a provider of turnkey solutions, Schubert Packaging Systems is ideally positioned to bring to life complete overall concepts for cosmetic manufacturers. Furthermore, Schubert Packaging Systems, as a turnkey provider, takes on technical and commercial responsibility.


Schubert Customer Services

No unplanned downtime

Even after the delivery, commissioning and machine Site Acceptance Tests, Schubert remains available to its cosmetic customers as a service partner. Schubert’s highest priority is to ensure long-term system availability and top machine performance. With this in mind, Schubert offers a comprehensive range of services that are all targeted to ensuring your productivity.




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