Innopack TLM: variety in packaging for breweries

Combining KHS packers and Schubert’s erecting and closing line allows for virtually limitless packaging varieties – customised and with a huge variety of format options. The modular structure’s expandability provides a high level of flexibility which is becoming increasingly important for production and size changes. The investment is worthwhile even in the case of bottle and can production volumes in the single thousands per hour.


With Schubert’s bottle packers, beverages can be combined flexibly in mixed packs, six-packs, baskets, cluster trays, packages or seasonal mixes and packs. All tasks – from bottling to labelling and grouping, to cartoning and palletising – are merged together.

Schubert’s intelligent Transmodul transport robot plays a key role in the packaging line. Not only does it transport cases or boxes, it also combines KHS’s system components with those from Schubert – simply, efficiently and reliably.

The Transmodul technology eliminates the need for mechanical interfaces between the erecting, loading and closing function units. Nothing is left to chance, and in this way, countless forms of packaging can be easily executed.