4YOU Digital Services

Get the most out of your packaging line

With 4YOU Digital Services, you not only collect and evaluate your line’s performance data, you will also better understand processes and therefore increase efficiency.  You receive detailed and configurable evaluations and analysis via your access to the customer portal. On request, we will provide you with comprehensive advice in order to use the results of the dashboards optimally and to increase your production output significantly over the long term. Our CARE (Connection for Analytics, Reporting and Efficiency) product family offers you various service packages that are designed to build on each other.

CARE Basic

Our services

  • Hardware
  • Remote service support option
  • OEE dashboard on HMI control panel
  • Seven days of data storage
  • Access to the customer portal

Your benefits

  • Secure GS.Gate industrial gateway ex works
  • Free OEE evaluation of your machine data
  • OEE review over one week
  • Option for extended digital services, also retroactively

CARE Software Maintenance

Our services

  • Security software updates
  • Product maintenance
  • OEE standard display with unlimited history

Your benefits

  • Higher availability of machine data
  • Retroactive analysis over longer periods possible
  • Mobile data access via browser
  • Secure data connection through the GS.Gate gateway
  • Biannual software updates

CARE Analytical

Our services

  • OPC and Analytical Dashboard
  • Extended OEE display with the possibility to store production plans
  • ECO Power Dashboard
  • ECO Airflow Dashboard

Your benefits

  • Personalised OEE evaluation, optimised for your shift operation
  • Synchronised OEE evaluation of different packaging machines
  • Very detailed logging and data evaluation
  • Quick troubleshooting through various data filters in the dashboard
  • Standardised OPC UA machine interface for connecting other machines
  • Calculation and display of the line’s compressed air and power consumption
Figure: CARE Basic


Our services

  • Interface for data export
  • OPC UA interface
  • Download function

Your benefits

  • Import of the machine data to the customer’s in-house systems
  • Compatible data through standardised interface
  • Secure data transfer via the GS.Gate gateway

CARE Customized

Our services

  • Customer-specific project with in-house displays, such as key figures for the production line or the integration of third-party units

Your benefits

  • Freely configurable services according to your requests, individually developed together with Schubert experts

CARE Active Call

In the future, the CARE Active Call service will be available in combination with an extended Service Expert Center contract. This covers proactive communication that is triggered in the event of anomalies in the condition of the machine. You will either be contacted directly by our service experts or you can establish contact with us via the HMI.


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