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4YOU Services from Schubert: As first-class and flexible as our technology

Our goal as a technology leader in packaging machine design is not only to satisfy you with our service, but to inspire you! With our expertise, you capitalise on greater added value: We safeguard your production, anticipate service issues on the machine and, on request, we will analyse your systems with our digital CARE solutions (Connection for Analytics, Reporting and Efficiency).

As an innovation driver in the industry, we consider service not only in terms of machine technology, but rather as a comprehensive service offering comprehensive service over the machine’s entire life cycle and throughout all processes. This also means that we continuously assess our own performance in order to further develop solutions for our customers.

Through detailed analyses, we familiarise ourselves with your needs and offer you individually tailored packages from our service portfolio, which are reviewed on a regular basis and adjusted if necessary.

Uwe Galm, Director Customer Services, Gerhard Schubert GmbH

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Two success stories with customised service packages

From a small artisan family businesses to global players: Our service packages are as diverse as our customers. The following two examples show how the service portfolio can be used to achieve high production performance with transparent costs.

A small German confectionery family business

The German family-run company produces confectionery in one shift for stock on weekdays. Two different products are packaged with the Schubert machine. The machine operators have been with the company for several years. The small maintenance team can only make a limited contribution to full maintenance.

Since production takes place Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the company is reliant on the availability of the Schubert Expert Centre only during normal working hours. Single-shift production keeps the machine’s operating hours low, so that annual inspection and maintenance of the system suffice. To familiarise the machine operators with the new technology, they receive training from Schubert. Additionally, the technical department is trained in two stages on the packaging machine control system (VMS).

Our services:

  • Expert Center for one shift
  • Annual inspection and maintenance
  • Operator training
  • Two-stage training for the VMS packaging machine control

An international pharmaceutical company in two-shift operation

The international manufacturer of pharmaceutical products runs its just-in-time production from Monday through Sunday in two shifts. 12 different formats are packed on the Schubert line. The large maintenance team has extensive technical expertise and the ambition to carry out a large share of the maintenance work itself. The high-tech packaging machine is equipped with the flow-wrapping unit Flowmodul and the transport robot Transmodul. The machine operators change frequently.

To guarantee availability of the Schubert Expert Center – even in two-shift operation and at weekends – the extended support version is selected in this service package. The high number of operating hours also requires a semi-annual inspection and maintenance of the packaging system. To ensure operation of the very important Transmodul transport robot in the machine, the Transmodul package with readily available replacement robots is part of the service. With the train-the-trainer concept, an in-house trainer at the pharmaceutical company is qualified to train new operators independently – and personnel changes are therefore covered. Furthermore, the company’s technical department receives training on the VMS packaging machine control system and the Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit.

Our services:

  • Expanded Expert Center for two shifts
  • Biannual inspection and maintenance
  • Transmodul service package
  • Two-stage training for VMS packaging machine control
  • Flowmodul training
  • Training of a customer's in-house trainer to instruct new operators


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