Serialisation and aggregation

The entire process of serialisation and aggregation is implemented using software. All functions and process steps – from the product to the pallet – are represented in the Track & Trace system, including the corresponding data assignment and the required processing for all aggregation. A connection to higher-order MES or PPS systems can be implemented to allow exchange of all the data required for serialisation as well. Visualisation of the Track & Trace data occurs via the line management system.

When the batch is finished, all the relevant information is transmitted to the higher-order data guidance system. This also enables flexible data uploading to the higher-order system while batch processing is in progress. The serial numbers can either be generated in the Track & Trace system or downloaded by a higher-order data guidance system. The Schubert Transmodule guarantees 100% traceability of the serial numbers in the shift register. It is not necessary to read in the data before the respective next process step.

Track & Trace with Schubert TLM technology offers many benefits:

  • Complete integration of the serial number and aggregation into the packaging line controller
  • Integration of data in the line’s local server, without the need for an external switch cabinet
  • Transparency: Track & Trace serial numbers and their status and use can be viewed at any time
  • Manual post-processing at the line is possible even while the batch is in progress (modification, addition, deletion of aggregations)