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With Schubert-Pharma, you benefit from a single point of contact for all questions relating to pharmaceutical packaging.

We offer innovative packaging machine solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as well as a wide spectrum of engineering services – ranging from mechanical and systems engineering, project management, general contractor assignments, engineering consulting all the way through to line optimisation. With our wide-ranging portfolio of services, we can ensure your production reliability.




Integration of packaging processes

Complete process integration

Schubert-Pharma has extensive expertise in realising multiple processes and functions with the Schubert TLM technology platform or by seamless integration of external units. All labelling, quality control or serialisation tasks can be carried out by the packaging machine, depending on the application.

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TLM packaging machines and robotics

Safe pharma product packaging

Whether for vials, ampoules, syringes, BFS products, devices or combination products – we find the right packaging solutions for all products, sizes and formats. Our TLM machines pack syringes of all kinds gently and without jamming, and we process vials and ampoules, whether made of plastic or glass. We also implement packaging solutions for combination sets, blow-fill-seal products (BFS) as well as products for hospital care and healthcare applications such as surgical instruments, patches and sachets.

The TLM packaging machines’ modular principle can be used variably for different application. A focus on robotics and highly intelligent software enables solutions that guarantee high levels of product safety, quality and traceability.

Validation and qualification

Service packages in the field of validations

As a supplier of packaging lines for the pharmaceutical industry, Schubert-Pharma offers validation services based on years of experience. Our GMP-compliant validation package can be tailored to individual needs, and is extremely effective and time-saving. Schubert-Pharma is pleased to support its customers in carrying out validation activities within the scope of line acceptance – either at our factory or on site following installation.

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Track & Trace systems, serialisation and software

Schubert-Pharma provides pharmaceutical companies with Track & Trace and serialisation solutions that meet all worldwide regulations for pharmaceutical packaging relating to counterfeit protection and product traceability. With the modularly configurable system and software structure, Schubert-Pharma creates customised, future-proof solutions for serialisation and tracking – ranging from folding boxes, vials, syringes, blisters, BFS solutions, to outer cartons and pallets.



Fully integrated packaging and process planning

Schubert-Consulting has distinguished itself as a partner with in-depth knowledge of the handling of pharmaceutical products, especially in secondary packaging. Using a systematic, multi-phased approach, we develop the ideal solution for your packaging processes.


Turnkey services

Turnkey integrated concept for the pharmaceutical industry

We look at your processes as a whole and use interdisciplinary approaches to develop concepts and comprehensive solutions for packaging lines that go beyond the straightforward installation or juxtaposition of individual machines.


Schubert Customer Services

Fully integrated, all-inclusive service ensures ongoing production

Schubert guarantees your delivery reliability with its dependable packaging machines. Also after installation of the line, we support manufacturers of pharmaceutical products with a comprehensive range of services. Our goal is always to avoid downtime and keep the efficiency of your TLM machine at the highest possible level throughout its entire lifetime.


Project management

Comprehensive project management

With our project management, we ensure the efficient and timely execution of your projects. And you save costs, time and personnel.


Schubert Packaging Systems

Turnkey, systems engineering, engineering consulting

The Schubert Group’s service expert

Do you value a partner who views your processes as a whole and who develops concepts and overall line solutions that go well beyond simply installing or juxtaposing individual packaging machines? This is exactly the comprehensive range of services that Schubert Packaging Systems offers as a systems manufacturer and engineering expert within the Schubert Group.

Schubert Packaging Systems



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