The Pickerliner
for standard
packaging tasks

The lightline Pickerline is designed to perform key pick & place applications – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a TLM system from Schubert. Thanks to the preconfigured sub-machines, the picker line is not only very affordable, you also benefit from short delivery times and fast set-up.

Variably standardised

Our F4 robots carefully pick up the products from the conveyor belt and place them in trays. We will design the most suitable robot tool for your product – whether brittle, sticky or fragile. Integrated 3D image recognition systems detect the position, location, height and quality of the products, and ensure that the robots only pick up flawless products.

Flexibly adaptable

The preconfigured submachines are scalable: if you want to achieve higher performance,
you can simply easily extend the number of F4 robots or machine modules. Another benefit: if you want to package products in flowpacks, the lightline Pickerline can be seamlessly connected to the lightline Flowpacker.

Facts and figures

  • Scalable performance through possible addition of preconfigured sub-machines
  • 1, 2, 4 or 6 F4 pick-and-place robots to meet individual performance requirements
  • Quality assurance due to 3D image recognition systems
  • Individual robot tools, easily exchangeable for new product formats
  • No limitations in performance or flexibility