A preconfigured case packer

Schubert developed the lightline Cartonpacker for erecting, filling and closing cartons. It is an attractive and compact packaging machine that is designed for specific product and packaging formats.

The preconfigured Cartonpacker is available in four versions for four different types of cartons: trays, trays with lids, RSC cartons or wrap-around cartons. Each Cartonpacker is designed for one product, for example, bags, boxes, bottles or cans.

Depending on the carton type, the Cartonpacker is equipped with a suitable erecting, filling and closing tool. Schubert offers flexibility within the machine variant: each product type can be packed in different format variants.


Immediately ready for use


We deliver the preconfigured machine to you as a unit: you benefit from fast delivery and your Cartonpacker is ready for use within a very short time – so you can quickly expand your production capacity as required and respond to new orders.

Facts and figures

  • Available in 4 variants: for trays, trays with lids, wrap-around cartons and RSC cartons
  • Each Cartonpacker is designed for one product: e.g. bags, boxes, bottles or cans
  • Performance: up to 25 two-piece cartons per minute
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 metres
  • 3 F2 robots in use
  • One module, compact design