Flexible Packaging Solutions
for Food Manufactures

Whether baked goods, deli meats, convenience food or coffee, Gerhard Schubert GmbH is the right partner for packaging food of different kinds.

Robot-based TLM packaging machines embody the high degree of flexibility and are able to process frequently-changing product ranges and packaging sizes. With our services, we ensure the high possible level of efficiency for the entire lifespan of your TLM line.

The Schubert-Consulting team, as part of the Schubert Group, provides you with support as needed in designing, planning and implementing your packaging processes. As a turnkey provider, Schubert Packaging Systems also realises complete turnkey concepts for you.


Automated food packaging

With our robot-based packaging machines, food manufacturers can produce cost-effectively and efficiently – and therefore better assert their position in the market. Thanks to modular design and fast tool changeover, you can respond quickly to new requirements on the market and in the trade. Individual robotic tools ensure careful and efficient product handling.

Our robots transfer fresh products such as deli meats or baked goods straight from the production line conveyor into their primary packaging – whether trays, cups or flowpacks. For pre-packed food, the company implements innovative secondary packaging solutions into transport or display boxes.

Integration of primary and secondary packaging processes

A compact unit for primary and secondary packaging tasks

Due to the modular design of Schubert machines, we can efficiently combine primary and secondary packaging tasks through to the palletisation of food products together into one compact machine. The Transmodul transport robot bridges the interfaces between the two packaging processes. Along with our system components, we also integrate technologies that are available on the market for packaging and labelling your food products.

System components

Vision Systems

High quality control thanks to vision systems

The machines meet the high quality requirements for the packaging of food thanks to Schubert’s integrated 2D and 3D image processing systems or the seamless integration of further quality control systems.

System Components

Coffee capsules - Primary and Secondary Packaging

Combined inline: filling and cartoning coffee capsules

For filling and packaging coffee capsules, Schubert combines all production steps, beginning with rom filling the coffee capsules through to the finished pallet, in one TLM line. The key to this efficient overall solution is the Transmodul, which eliminates the need for interfaces between individual processes. This means that once the capsules have been put in the desired order, they are not rearranged, and the efficiency of the entire process is significantly increased.


Final packaging concepts for food producers

To bring food to the market in a fresh and perfect condition, production processes need to be precisely coordinated. Schubert-Consulting’s experts know the necessary processes to achieve this. We support you in developing packaging solutions for your specific project and through all project phases. These services range from theoretical planning to realisation and production with the lines ready for use.


Turnkey solutions

Complete turnkey concept

When food producers invest in new machines, they often need more than just a separate stand-alone solution: they need an overall concept that incorporates their product into planning and every stage of production. We are there to support you as a partner with comprehensive turnkey solutions.

With many years of experience as a partner to the food industry, Schubert Packaging Systems, an expert within the Schubert Group, provides solutions for highly complex food packaging challenges. The experts assume technical and commercial responsibility for implementing the turnkey solutions.


Schubert Customer Services

No unplanned downtime

Food producers need to be rely on their packaging machines to take the products from the upstream processing machines and pack them reliably and at the specified speed.

With Schubert Customer Services and individual service packages, we ensure that your food production process runs with high line efficiency and, as far as possible, with no downtime. With our GRIPS.world customer portal, you benefit from the advantages of preventive maintenance.




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