Efficient packaging solutions
for confectionery and snacks


As a pioneer in the field of digital packaging machines, Gerhard Schubert GmbH develops automated packaging solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of confectionery and snack food producers.

With the comprehensive services provided by Schubert Customer Services, we ensure the highest possible level of efficiency for the entire lifespan of your TLM packaging line. The Schubert-Consulting team provides valuable consulting services for planning your packaging processes. We also have turnkey solution experts within the Schubert Group to support you in planning and realising overall turnkey concepts.


Automated packaging of confectionery and snacks

Gerhard Schubert GmbH’s top-loading machines realise the fully automatic packaging of chocolate bars, pralines, biscuits, cakes, crackers, crisps and many more products. The packaging solutions range from placing the products into trays, to packing them into flowpacks using the specially developed Flowmodul flow-wrapping component, to secondary packaging in boxes and palletising.

To handle confectionery products, Schubert develops individually tailored robotic tools for the pick-and-place robots to ensure that products are gripped and placed carefully and efficiently.

Integration of Primary and secondary packaging

Packaging into flowpacks

Along with final packaging, Schubert also offers solutions for the integration of primary packaging tasks for your confectionery – bringing both processes together in a single compact line. This allows our Flowmodul flow-wrapping component to be seamlessly integrated into the TLM line to pack “naked” confectionery products as well as tray-packed products in flowpacks.

To integrate further primary packaging solutions into the TLM technology, the Transmodul transport robot bridges the interfaces between the respective packaging processes. The Transmodul is a key technology that also allows packaging functions from different machine manufacturers to be linked together.

System components

Vision Systems

Reliable quality control

Schubert’s 2D and 3D image processing systems are standard components that supplement the automated packaging solutions. The vision systems guarantee the high and precise performance of the TLM packaging lines, during both the pick-and-place operation and quality control.

System components


Engineering consulting for the confectionery industry

As an engineering expert in packaging solutions, Schubert-Consulting provides support through every phase of your specific project. The engineering services range from theoretical planning to the implementation of operation-ready lines. The team draws on creative solutions and approaches to the execution of superordinate production and packaging strategies, in view of ensuring your long-term business goals.



OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for complex packaging tasks

Producers of confectionery and snack foods often need more than just one machine for their packaging tasks. Schubert Packaging Systems is available to you as a partner for comprehensive turnkey services within the Schubert Group. We develop concepts and overall solutions for entire packaging lines. With many years of experience in the confectionery and snack food industry, Schubert Packaging Systems offers solutions for highly complex challenges in the packaging of your products, and we can even execute those solutions for you.



Schubert Customer Services

Comprehensive service for your packaging line

As a confectionery and snack food producer, you need to be able to rely on your packaging machines to take the products from upstream machines and pack them reliably and at the specified speed. Schubert’s service package is the reliable option for confectionery producers.
The Schubert Group offers a whole bundle of services and individual service packages. In this way, we can ensure that your production runs continuously and with high line efficiency.




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