Efficient Packaging Solutions
for Beverage Manufacturers

Beverage producers and breweries have been relying on packaging machines from Gerhard Schubert GmbH for their packaging processes for many years.

The TLM systems pack products such as sparkling wine, champagne, beer or soft drinks into a range of different boxes and containers – using fully automated processes. We guarantee high efficiency even with high production volumes and frequently-changing product ranges.

With our comprehensive services, we ensure the highest possible efficiency for the entire lifespan of your TLM line. Schubert Packaging Systems provides expert support for comprehensive engineering services and turnkey solutions.

Automation and Robotics

Differentiation for successful beverage marketing and sales

World-renowned wineries, breweries and beverage producers rely on Schubert technology, which stands for high performance and quick size changes with varying batch sizes. You too will benefit from Schubert’s wealth of experience acquired over more than 50 years of box packaging in many different industries.

This enables our experts to provide the best support to beverage producers targeting effective differentiation on supermarket shelves – i.e. by developing new packaging forms. Schubert’s TLM lines pack a variety of beverages such as beer, juice, soft drinks, wine or sparkling wine carefully and efficiently in boxes. As well as picking up products directly from the bottling machine or the conveyor belt, the possible packaging tasks include depalletising and unpacking from crates so that the bottles can then be repacked or different varieties mixed.


Comprehensive packaging and process planning for the beverage industry

Balancing efficiency with high quality of the final packaging is a decisive factor when planning and optimising bottling and packaging lines for beverages. The experts at Schubert-Consulting turn these production demands into market opportunities. Schubert-Consulting analyses existing packaging processes, develops proposals for optimisation and checks the packaging design and material flow.



Complete turnkey concept

When beverage producers and bottlers invest in new machines, they need more than just a separate stand-alone solution: they need an overall concept that incorporates their product and every stage of production into planning.

This is why Schubert is there to support you as a partner with comprehensive turnkey solutions. We consider your processes as an entity and develop concepts and overall solutions for entire lines as required. Schubert offers solutions for highly complex beverage packaging tasks and is capable of realising them itself.


Schubert Customer Services

Comprehensive service ensures ongoing production

High production volumes are the order of the day for beverage producers. You therefore need to rely on your packaging machine to pick up bottles on a continuous basis and not to place your capacity to deliver at risk in the event of a failure. Schubert’s comprehensive service package provides outstanding reliability for beverage producers.




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